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Are you up to the Urban Leaves challenge?

Step out into the sunlight. Breathe........! Then come back and read on.

If you're smiling right now, you passed the challenge. 
If you're not yet smiling, that's okay too. You'll soon be smiling with us.

What does any of this have to do with urban farming?  Everything.

Each of us at Urban Leaves is beginning to realise how our success at urban farming is directly proportional to our ability to notice abundance around us.

Sunlight? Abundant.....   Leaves? Abundant...... Space? Abundant......  (We know you don't believe us yet. But, you'll get there!)

Smiles? Abundant.

All you need is to say, “Yes” and there is abundant means for growth and transformation.

Food is only one of the things we grow. Will you grow with us? : D


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